5-Reasons Why People Like Mobile Apps ?

Here are some facts to portray, which state the importance of the trending Mobile Apps and how they have transformed our day to day lives. These facts have been drawn from the perspective of an individual and the best assistance that he/she can find for themselves, for their own necessary tasks:

  1. It makes our lives easy and convenient — Needless to say, mobile apps have massively reduced our load to actually seek assistance from any person/company. Also, there is a feeling of comfort that whatever help they seek, it is certain that they would receive it. E.g., if someone wants to travel from Noida to Delhi, there are quite a number of applications which would help them find a vehicle for transportation like:
    • OLA /Uber– Bikes, Auto, Cars (Hatchback & Sedan), Out Stations
    • Rapido/Shuttle -Exclusively for Bikes/Busses
    You get to see what suits your requirements the most, compare the prices and accordingly choose the most affordable offer and avail it. The journey is hassle-free and safe, therefore, almost every person you would find using such apps on a daily basis. Their services have upgraded themselves wherein you can order food for yourself while enjoying the trip. You reach your destination on time, if not then there is a proper support system which refunds your money immediately.
  2.  It is faster than the web versions and is handier — Undoubtedly, the mobile applications for a particular product/service have much more user-friendly access, if compared with the web versions of the same. For the apps, you just have to click to download and you are good to go; wherein for the web versions, you would always have to open the link in a browser, which most of the times have got lagging accessibility, resulting in utter inconvenience. Therefore, mobile apps have a much better emphasis on consumers than the websites.
  3.  Helps invaluable time utilization — The best thing that has ever happened to us in the past decade is the time management and the trending Mobile Apps play a vital role in this phenomenon. The current statistics show that people majorly refrain to visit the store when the exact same product/service they can buy, sitting at home. Their time is not spent on walking to the various stores, comparing the prices and choosing what’s best for them. They are just a click away to avail their best options while being engaged in a work or an essential activity.
  4.  Go with Trends — We often see that something new prompts on our phones in the form of the notifications or advertisements, while we develop a regular practice to use these apps. E.g., the Promotional Codes, the Year clearance sale or “Your Cart Misses You”, are shown if we use Myntra, Shoppers Stop etc. These are some of the Smartest Strategies to attract the customers so that they are tempted to make the purchase, resulting in customer retention and also to invite new customers to buy products/services. Such offers and discounts would always fascinate us.
  5.  Its Fun — We have grown a knack to follow what’s trending the most; apps like Face App & Beauty Plus are few to be named. People are using filters on their photos and realistically beautifying themselves on phases like — old age, youth etc and have the access to share such updates on social media. Also they can customize their features — broaden their eyes, reduce their double chin and so on. AI has a huge contribution for these apps to become an overnight success and get critically acclaimed. Also, since our childhood days, we all had a craze for Online Games like Assassins Creed and Grand Theft Auto etc. In 2019, games like PubG, Counter Strike have gained vivid popularity. The gamers spend their leisure time on playing these games and gradually they can compete, increase their followers and earn money out of it. These games are made compatible to iOS, Android and other OS, so that anyone can access and enjoy playing it.

 In other words, with the technology getting upgraded day by day, we are also getting evolved and updated with the latest of the trends and our lives are dependent on the Mobile Apps, if you think from a broader perspective. We can invest our time in family or in any recreational activity, as our needs are reliable on the Mobile apps we use.


Use Of Mobile App in different Industries?

In the era of competitive business, it is important for businesses to work on different strategies that bring them a competitive advantage. Technology helps them to ease out their complex business operations more effectively.

Mobile applications are the latest entrant to the list which helps the businesses to acquire the maximum number of benefits and the mobile app market tends to grow faster and bigger in the coming years.

This is mainly due to companies are looking to boost their brand visibility and revenue with the effective use of mobile apps. Apart from these mobile applications play a vital role in enhancing customer support and turned as an easy way of communication these days.

The major goal of the mobile application is to boost the core business activities and increase sales. Although lots of industries are getting benefits from mobile applications here are the list of industries where the mobile applications are getting prominence and repeating more benefits:


As you are aware of the fact that currently, mobile apps are taking major control when it comes to the E-commerce industry. There are lots of brands that are producing different kinds of products and launching them into the market.

With the advent of mobile apps, they can able to reach their products to customers and mobile applications also help the customers to get up-to information regarding the launch of new products and its specifications. Hence the brand visibility is increased and which ultimately boosts their sales.

When it comes to E-commerce industry mobile applications are going to be future and the latest advancements like 3D graphics will make your online shopping experience an excellent one.


Experts predict that as like other industry mobile applications are going to be the driving force in the financial sector in the coming years. Fintech is the abbreviation of financial technology which means financial services that are driven by technology.

True to the fact that Fintech has revolutionized the finance industry and is influencing every domain which includes banking services. The mobile wallet, equity funds, stock trading blockchain technology and insurance sector have got major benefits from the Fintech.

Out of them, mobile banking has reached all sections of the people we can see the people transferring money through net banking even from the remote villages. Overall mobile applications have improved the customer experience and the finance industry is going through the transition period with the advent of Fintech Apps.

Financial companies are currently focusing on upgrading their mobile apps and are thriving to start new mobile applications for their different domains of business.


The major significance of the hospitality industry is guests and customers started using mobile apps to find new deals, make reservations, to read the review and explore new destinations.

Technology in the hospitality industry is creating new parameters in the service industry by providing a personalized experience to its clients. Many hotels are now realized the fact that mobile websites are ideal for customers to check the room availability and offer along with reading customer reviews which helps them to choose the right hotel. So hotels now need to provide the right kind of service to their customers otherwise they will get exposed to online reviews.

Mobile applications even transformed the way the employees doing their job these days. Now mobile apps have become the first choice technology for the above-mentioned industries and it is going to be the standard component for any business in the future.

How Can We Leverage Blockchain In Real World?

Blockchain technology has been creating a revolutionary change in various business industries. Merely, blockchain is an open and shared database where a huge amount of computer information can be stored securely for later use.

The name blockchain comes from; the file is made of blocks of data and each block is dependent on the previous block thus forming a chain. The transaction data stored in each block was created or edited. Blockchain technology could not be controlled by any person or entity like other data storing technologies.

The best part of the blockchain is that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere with the help of right cryptography keys. In fact, the decentralized method of storing and accessing data in blockchain ensures security, unlike the centralized database. These are the major reason for the popularity of blockchain technology in recording transactions.

Since cyber crimes are getting increased day by day it is better to take advantage of blockchain in businesses. Go through this article to know how you can leverage the blockchain technology in real World.

Implementation of Blockchain in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the major industries that should be enhanced to save the lives of people with the help of best technologies. Blockchain is one such technology that paves the experts to innovate new functionalities.

It acts as a powerful and modern tool to exchange data and services, make payments in a secured manner. High-level security and flexibility features of the blockchain technology lead to more opportunities in healthcare.

Distributed Network

In the healthcare industry, blockchain can be used to store bulk amount of patients’ data i.e Electronic Health Records. Blockchain technology works based on the distributed data such that there is a duplication of the chain of information and stored in encrypted form for each user thereby reduce the substitution of original data. It eliminates the chance of DDoS attacks and keeps your data safe from hackers.

To Provide Global Access

With the global access feature of the blockchain technology, the patient can get access to the doctor easily. On the other hand, the doctor can receive data from any part of the World.

To Track Drugs

Blockchain has the ability to solve the counterfeit problem that may happen in the healthcare industry. The transaction occurring between the manufacturer and distributor can be recorded in a chain. When you integrate the blockchain with healthcare you can verify the authenticity of the drug, its manufacturer and its related information.

To Standardize Medical Process

Blockchain technology must be integrated with healthcare in such a way to bring single standard protocols and electronic health records. This paves the way for moving a single international standard for healthcare.

Whatever you implement with blockchain in healthcare technology it should be able to offer treatment and medicine in a cost-effective way.

Implementation of Blockchain In Finance

In the finance sector, blockchain technology act as a center for reducing the chance of forged transaction and enable it to implement a transaction network with a central authorization.

Until now, many financial service providers wondering what blockchain technology will bring to them. Such individuals must understand that they can reap more benefits from the implementation of blockchain technology in finance.

To Improve Share Trading

The financial professionals must implement blockchain to improve the accuracy of the trade and shorter settlement processes.

To Make Smart Contracts

The main benefit of integrating blockchain in finance is to execute commercial transactions and agreements automatically. It greatly helps the financial services to stay away from contract alteration or fraudulent entries.

The financial experts’ advice that implementing in the blockchain is better and it is essential to ensure that blockchain network benefits for both your customer and business.

To Make Faster Payments

In traditional finance method, transferring values is an expensive and slow process. This drawback can be rectified with the support of blockchain technology by making cross-border payments. Blockchain technology must be implemented to minimize transaction fees and time while offering the best security.

Implementation of Blockchain In Supply Chain Management

Blockchain is the best way to enhance supply-chain management as it makes use of the distributed public general ledger. The benefit of integrating blockchain in supply chain management is reducing errors, reducing product delays, improve management process and avoid fraudulent activities.

In order to implement blockchain into the supply chain, the organizations must understand and analyze the risks involved in it before starting the process. Then, the professionals should create the best solutions to eliminate those risks with the help of blockchain technology. It is recommended to implement a blockchain solution from smaller week points.

Once you have obtained the best outcome you can continue the further process to resolve other problems in the supply-chain management. Keep in mind that collaboration and scalability process is very important in applying blockchain to supply chain management.

The beneficial features of the blockchain with its decentralized system are very innovative and it paves more opportunities for forward-looking business.

Initially, the business owner should set up an internal company blockchain. The new technology takes some time to accustom the process and you have to wait until the result is obtained. Then, extend the blockchain to add the member such as partners, suppliers and third-party logistics.

You must collaborate with technologists, suppliers, and customers. At last, the availability of data is insured and exchanged, all the supply chain members are integrated into the system even including the end customers.

When you need to increase the profit and improve your business position in the global market you must implement innovative or trending blockchain strategies.

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are the best ways to leverage blockchain technology in the real World. Obviously, blockchain is the real technology being implemented in various industries across the World.

The implementation of blockchain offers the potential for 70% cost savings on business operations and over 40% cost savings on compliance. Hence, you need to leverage the blockchain technology in real-time to enhance the business in the competitive market. Implement Blockchain Technology In Your Business To Survive In The Global Market Successfully!

Now AI Tools Can Monitor Road Condition| Use Google Street View Maps!

Arstudioz is one of the top level artificial intelligence development company in the USA. Here is the best and secure app for your Business. With the help of Arstudioz to make your dream successful by following advanced international coding standards and concepts. Today, researchers or developers have developed the latest program using artificial intelligence.


Through Google Street View images, researchers or developers have developed the latest program using artificial intelligence to monitor the stop and give way signs needing repair or construction. The latest fully-automated system is based on AI-powered object detection to recognize the street signs in the freely available images.

The study shows the new AI system detects signs with near 96% accuracy, recognize their category with near 98 % accuracy and can record or store their precise geographical-location from the 2-D images.

Municipal authorities spend a huge amount of time and money to monitor and track the geo-location of traffic position manually, a task that also exposes workers to unnecessary traffic risks.

According To Campbell said- “Through using free and open source tools or instrument, we have developed a fully automated system for doing this job, and doing it more accurately.”

Apps help your services, brand or product gain recognition. The more you get your client or customer involved with your application, the more they will be keen interest towards your brand and services.

We believe in your idea and help you with the hardest part- Implementation. We design innovative Applications for all platforms that out-perform the competition. We use the advanced technology and systems to develop your dream project that truly works and creates satisfaction among your consumers!

Get top artificial intelligence company in the United States. Today Technology is moving at breakneck speed and artificial intelligence is getting prominence across the globe. Once it is seen as the concept of fiction but now many researchers and scientist are working close to making AI a reality. Machine learning has made major breakthroughs in the field and it allows scientists to perform complex functions like facial recognition. Big data is speeding up the implementation of artificial intelligence and we may see more integration of AI technology in our daily routines.

6- Web Development trends Every Business Man should be expecting in 2019!!

In the IT sector, 50% of medium-sized business owners that plan to spend money on a new and better website in 2019.

Every year, new trends and technologies form the environment that web developers discover themselves in. One year is marked by static websites, another by mobile responsiveness, and another is chatbots.

It is not likely that the case with your own business. To keep up, you should need to know the web development trends and technology that will shape 2019.

1.Modular design and lower development costs

Here’s the latest web development trends list for 2019:

2. Mobile Responsive design and the go up of mobile users

3.Chat bots and customer support

4.API-first design and streamlined workloads

5.Motion UI and suffering attention spans

6.Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity


1 Modular design and lower development costs:

Modular design allows developers to make use of again components and modules to build a web page rather than creating a web page using a limiting template. Visually, modular design is a pace up from templates. Developers can use it to make content blocks to show information is a powerful system.

However, creating a modular design web page is like build with a logo set. Each piece should link with one another without worrying about how to recreate the shape of the logo piece.

Of course, when each of these parts is combined, developers create the web page that makes sense. This leads to faster and cheaper development but alike an end-goal product.

2. Mobile Responsive design and the rise of mobile users

Responsive design is one of the great parts that part is building traffic in terms of search engine optimization. Responsive design is very effective for a mobile user.

With all of that, then, it isn’t unexpected that Google is going to release its mobile-first indexing during or after 2019 arrives officially.

“If you have a mobile responsive website where the main content and markup is same across mobile phone and desktop, No need to change anything.”

 3. Chatbots and customer support

57% of customers are pleased about chatbots for their instantaneity.

And Gartner predicts that over 85% of customer connections will happen without a human on the business end by 2020. Likewise, chatbots will become the first application for consumers across all Artificial intelligently integrations in the next five years.

4 API-Design and streamlined workloads

The more linked our world becomes the more APIs that each application ends up having. And with the go up of the IoT, our mobile devices, homes, cars, gaming systems, wearable tech, and laptops are everyone connected.

That offers a lot of expediency for the user. But all of those relations can get a bit risky if the developer starts building the application in the wrong position. Usually, developers start with the user and build from there. They design the request and add in the appropriate APIs after the fact.

5. Motion UI and Suffering attention spans

The internet is immense. But you know that. What you might not know, though, is how that affects the average person’s interest span; some sources claim that the human interest span is worse than that of a goldfish.

And what good way to take the attention of a user than with a charming motion UI?

The Atlantic uses this on their inhabitant’s Healthier page. As you scroll down the page, it changes and adapts to keep the visitor engage.

6 Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

In 2019, robots will probably make a big difference in the cyber security world.

As developers learn how to construct artificial intelligence (AI) that can assist with all from customer support to predictive trends and image recognition, AI will turn out to be the future of cybersecurity.

Why are robots so helpful in the cybersecurity world, even though?

Often, cybersecurity professionals can’t work to disperse an attack until the damage has already been done. After the entire, even cyber security professionals have to sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom. The point is, these people aren’t for all the time available.


Apps and Website for Business Why it’s So Crucial?

In this, globalized age the Website is crucial for Business, Each people want to promote their Brands, services, whether a big firm or a company like Big Brand or a small or mid-sized firm like ArStudioz. Websites and Apps help us do the same. Here are few of the major factors why apps and website are essential for business for a particular brand, product or services.

Today, progressive web app development company in Germany and Top 10 App Developers in Germany racking their minds to find out the advanced concept for mobile app development and website development. ArStudioz develops and designs the best mobile apps and websites according to your business needs which clients really use. Our collateral and expert team is regularly with you at 24*7. Arstudioz is one of the best development service provider company.

1. In a survey, United States Citizens spend about 2 hours of their day on internet surfing using mobile and contributes 85% on mobile apps. If you have a website and app for your product or services, it would be too easy to interact with more users and consumers. Apps provide proprietary functionalities and unique event which helps to grow your brand popularity.

2. If you have your own company or firm, you have so much info or data that you would like to expand to your customers. They include general information, cost, features, user account, messengers, news feed and more.

3. We are living in the digitalization age. Wouldn’t it be polite to let your consumers accumulate the rewards via your mobile app instead of sticking to the old collection card?

4. It becomes too easy to improve your brand or services if you know the feedback to your consumers. App and Websites provide the comment section and review option which help the consumer put the feedback about the brand or services

5. Websites and Apps help your services, brand gain recognition. The more you get your consumers involved with your application, the more they will be interested in your brand and services. Worth mentioning, this process has got a unique name, effective frequency and it is very useful for your business.

6. Today, Globalization is in full swim apart from possibility, global has become a necessity of all citizens and businesses. If you want to advertise and promote your brand or services each and everywhere and want to beat your competitor quickly, let it is 100% possible through app and website. Even you don’t feel like an actual need of having a website, app. The website and app play an important role like an actor to maintain your products and brands.

Sturdy Services of ArStudioz Gains Them The Crest of The Top Mobile App Development Company in Germany

ArStudioz proves themselves victorious by settling in a position no less among the top mobile app development companies in Germany. GoodFirms recognizes their efforts by adding them to their reputed list preceded by an in-depth survey.

About ArStudioz

ArStudioz, an IT service provider with offices in India and Germany, was founded in 2017. With its core competency in mobile app development, blockchain, and virtual reality, the company also offers its services in the domains of web development and artificial intelligence.

They are a team of developers who are solution oriented and develop user-centric mobile apps and software helping the clients to increase their user engagement and overall customer satisfaction. They design innovative apps that outperform their competition.

Leveraging the latest technology, they build dream projects. With the help of an experience and well-learned team, ArStudioz develops across all platforms including Android, iOS, desktop connected devices, IoT and blockchain.

With an amazing response of clients and their raving reviews, the company has flourished across borders and is one stop choice for IT services. Their key clients include Arabian Bemco, Idea, GJ and UC Bank.

About GoodFirms’ Process of Evaluation

GoodFirms is a Washington DC-based online B2B platform which gives accolades to the companies rendering services in the IT sector and associated. It has a well-learned team of examiners and researchers who take upon the responsibility to recognize such companies who perform exceptionally strong in the market and give them renown. With a belief in the term that great efforts should be identified and aided, the firm then prepares a ranking list based upon a few predefined parameters.

There are three parameters when this particular analysis process is spoken about. They include Quality, Reliability, and Ability. These terms themselves explain that this research process focuses on the overall perspective that the company works upon and the path it adopts.

This research process observed an unusually great approach employed by the company in their services they offer which wins attention. GoodFirms ranks ArStudioz for,

Mobile App Development Services

The beautiful apps created by ArStudioz are reputedly renowned for their functionality. The apps have superior performance characteristics. Swift and Objective C are their pillars for iOS app development. Coming to Android app development, ArStudioz deploys Java and Kotlin. They also present hybrid apps to their clients. Using React Native or Xamarin, they develop these apps and keep in front of their clients to judge.

Till date, the analysis says that their apps have been beyond the expectations of their clients. For such amazing accomplishments, GoodFirms ranks the firm among the top top mobile app development companies in Germany. A client review for the same affirms for it.

Blockchain Development Services

With the use of blockchain technologies namely Ethereum, Steller, Hyperledger, ripple, bitcoin and multichain, ArStudioz provides grade 1 blockchain solutions. They cater to all sectors ranging from health and finance to supply chain and education. 

Whether it is private or public blockchain development or building smart contracts, they excel at each. Such variety of services it offers bundled with quality bestows it the title of blockchain development companies in India. A client reviews the firm affirming the same for its blockchain development services.

 AR/VR Services

Considering the service which has provided global recognition to the ArStudioz, Augmented Reality and Virtual reality services provided by the company brings it to glory. The firm helps the clients in building 360-degree videos, along with too. Bringing in higher revenues for the clients and their amazing response leads them among the top AR and VR companies in India. A raving review of the client affirms to it.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews firm that aligns its efforts in finding the top Software development and Mobile app development companies delivering unparalleled services to its clients. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

About the Author

Anna Stark is presently working as a Content Writer with GoodFirms – Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company, which bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role lingers her to shape every company’s performance and key attributes into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and equips new strategies that work, always in with ideas, something new to carve, and something original to decorate the firm’s identity.